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Engagement ring is the first symbol of love

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This beautiful ring needs a special moment in life, to be offered your girlfriend. So, everything is so simple when love, just to be inspired to choose this ring for that your happiness to shine like a sapphire. Engagement ring is the first symbol of love. Both the circular form as well as stone represents mutual love and true but also a lasting connection.
The perfect engagement ring is to given with all my heart and all the love, at the right moment. This symbol represents the union, the whole on which the woman form him with the man. When the receives such a ring ring, she actually receives a promise of lifetime, from all points of view. Regardless of how you will offer him, dimensions, metal, chosen stone, essential thing probably for your future bride, is one much simpler: that will wore his entire life such a ring. So that, do not forget, give him this ring!
The firsts about which safe to known that have worn this rings have been Egyptians. Along with granting of engagement ring by man, woman consents to be his subject and to give full obedience to the end of life. Later it was considered as a sign of steadfast love. Egyptians  wore on the fourth finger of the left hand, because it is considered that the respectively finger is in direct connection with the heart, but the Romans to hand or the finger to which most likes them. The Venetian rings of the XVth century were very wide and adorned with many gems. Those used in Anglo-Saxon countries were thin  with a single ornament and very discreet. Another theory says that the Romans were the first to use rings of all kinds, not just to link people to their social class, but also of marriage partners. To betrothal ceremony, fiancé gave bride's family a simple iron ring as a symbol of its commitment and its financial capacity. At first the marriage ceremony was a simple fulfillment of betrothal engagement, was not as important as the betrothal ceremony which was more elaborate. Much later, in Christianity, the ring has gradually become an important part of the marriage ceremony. Sapphire or stone of azure, is heaven stone, symbol of hope, courage, joy and vitality. It is called "the stone of control" is effective against small temptation and carries thoughts to higher spheres. Stellar Sapphire has a special significance, because it directs them on the right path on people whose aspirations could be put at the service of the world. This heals eye diseases and is a talisman against the evil eye, of revenge and spells. The gem urges to meditation and enables a spiritualized and gentle love. This gemstone attract wealth into the house. Put it in a box values to increase prosperity and earnings. Stimulates the intellect and increases concentration to obtain a general image. As elixir eliminates toxins from the body. For all these aspects we recommend this gem that is ideal for your particular moment.
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