pink sapphire engagement rings

pink sapphires are of corundum family

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This precious ring acts as a magnet to bring into your life all the graces that you need to evolve. It quickly acts, you learn how to master emotions, removes emotional blockages and integrates of transformed energies. Engagement ring has gathered along the years an increasing number of significances, ranging depending on the area but all with a common purpose: the union, love and their commitment.
As the symbol, dedication of engagement ring it seems that dates from the time Egyptians, they give the ring to the loved woman and if she accepts symbolize that will respect the oath of union, devotion and obedience for the man with will whom be together forever. They wore him on the ring finger (hence the popular name of the fourth finger) of the left hand, considering that it is direct connection with heart, the organ where is "stored" love and feelings. It was given in a ceremony at the girl's parent house.
Later this habit appeared and among the Romans, they offer the engagement ring to woman with whom wanted to marry. The occasion of this moment it makes a party and was also a romantic celebration between both. Symbolically speaking the engagement ring is perhaps the most beautiful significance of love, it also represents an important moment in a woman's life, along with birth and death: the transition to womanhood. Also it represents the union, restoration of androgynous, unifying the two souls. Woman receives through this gift,  desire of the man to have beside him and also her love. Today, the reality of giving engagement ring and its symbol has changed. Often men do not consider this occasion an important moment, omitting even it offered this. However are still men who make surprises of beloved woman, he organizes a special moment in which a surprises by offering a gift and also marriage proposal. Women in their turn is no longer summarize only to this symbol, to beauty of the gesture, but often binds to type of ring, of price, stone on which represents,  possibly the model. Often, the price of gift is correlated by woman with the value on which she has forward of man. Thus if the man is rich and buy a cheaper ring, she understands that does not want to give too much for her she and that is stingy. However nowadays the material aspect of engagement ring has acquired importance. Also its beauty as well the special moment, surprise that he takes prepared it, way in which offers him this gift. Pink Sapphires are of corundum family. The pink color is due to the presence of chromium in its chemical composition. Pink sapphires are found in natural state, but is a common method to their thermic treatment for to be improved thermal characteristics, clarity and color. The sapphire of natural pink color, untreated, are very rare and have a premium price accordingly. Hardness of sapphire, of the pink color implicitly is of 9 on the Mohs scale. Have become very popular lately sapphires of pink color, in different nuances, expressing erotic significances and being preferred by many of the famous celebrities. A special note among sapphires bring padparadscha-the term comes from a species of lotus, and is a Ceylon sapphire with pleocroism, shades of pink and orange, a very rare gem. Are processed just like rubies, being facetted or in oval shaped of cabochon. Thermal treatments to improve color is so frequent that truly natural sapphires are very rare and expensive. More recently are manufactured a lot of synthetic models in ideal shapes and colors.
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