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This gem has some therapeutic properties

History, legend

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This perfect model is are a symbol of love almost everywhere, representatives of the jewelry industry have concerns to create models over models to be as special and purchased. But though these have so important significance and represents an object at which most women dream very few people know and as they appeared.
This gemstone is a symbol of fidelity and sincerity; to decorate the engagement ring, the sapphire is the most suitable. The model the most precious  is the bright blue color, but this gemstone also is found in more nuances. Generally, it is sanded into oval form or in rounded at the ends rectangle . These stones originating in Cambodia, Thailand and Australia are also called "the stones of control" because they have beneficial effects on people with emotional problems. It is said that this gem directs on those who suffer from various emotional disorders on the right track. In case of unhappy persons in love brings balance and calms the tension in the relationship.
This gem has some therapeutic properties: lowers blood pressure, help treat of the neck affections, prevents insomnia, calms the mind and prevents quarrels. This gem, considered by some astrologers as the moonstone of September, became prominent blue gemstone along the millennia. The ancient Persians believed that his reflection  paints the sky of heaven. It seems that the name is drawn from Latin "sapphires", which means blue. This color is most known to these gemstones , and is date the content of iron and titanium. It has become the traditional color, but subsequently were discovered almost all colors of sapphire. From colorless due to the lack of other chemical elements in composition (not to be confused with diamond) and white,  to fanciful colors such as yellow (due to the very low iron content), orange, yellow-orange, pink, cognac , purple, green and violet, as well various the variants of these colors. Actually, the white sapphire has become for many a natural replacement of the diamond. Variants of fanciful sapphires are sometimes chosen by customers as substitutes for other colored stones, less resistant. Associated for centuries with loyalty and love, this gem symbolizes fidelity and soul. The name comes from the Greek word for blue,, sappheiros,, and this gem shows the most beautiful nuances of the blue gems. But it is available in many colors: any color besides red color because a "red color  sapphire" is the ruby, "a relative" with this gem. Both are corundum. History, legend The ancient Persians believed that the Earth is seated on a giant sapphire. They said that his reflection have colored the blue skies. Associated with and loyalty love, engagement ring on which Prince Charles to given of Diana had such an gemstone. In ancient times when it was offered a sapphire in gift,  was a sign of honesty, of purity and l oyalty are beaten. Quality, value Most precious are those blue - and from most valuable nuances are pure and intense. Are preferred those with an intensely color, despite the navy-blue. Nuances of violet are considered more valuable than the green. Recognized best in this color, sapphire is found in other many colors. Another valuable color is the pink-orange known as the "padparadscha" after name from  Sinhala of the lotus flower. This gemstones are found most frequently processed in the form of cushion or oval. Other shapes, including round, square or triangular are found to sapphires under 1 karat. Care This gemstone as well the ruby is a corundum with hardness of 9 on the Mohs  scale. Corundum has a hardness so great that is used as abrasive. Therefore, these gems are the toughest (right after diamond). Cleaning these gemstone is done with lukewarm water and neutral soap: use a toothbrush to clean in places where can dust collect.
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