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White sapphire engagement rings are the perfect choice for engagement, because this moment is one of the most romantic moments that they can live a future bride. The fact that the one you love asks you to hand and so wishes to build a future together, cannot make you than to feel one greatest joy which they can feel a woman. You feel at the same time flattered,  because has you chosen , happy and very impatient, but a little scared because you take that still a decision which will changes your life.The symbol of marriage is not the heart, as we are used to seeing in movies, but is the circle. This geometric form is perfect because it has no edges, corners and angles that can be cut. And basically, marriage should be something impossible of broken, as it is the ring. White sapphire engagement rings are a recommendation for those who want to start in life together,  because the sapphire has numerous meanings.
Sapphire comes from the Greek word "saphiros", which means "blue stone". In ancient times, some people believed that the sky is a giant blue sapphire. It could be a more suitable picture to describe the beauty of a pure sapphire, perfect, without impurities? However, beautiful stone can also occur in many other colors: not only the blue-gray transparent of horizon, as into the wonderful colors game of a sunset (yellow, pink, orange and purple. Sapphires are in really "the stones of sky", even though they are found in the hard ground of the "blue planet". Tradition holds that of Moses have been given the 10 commandments written on the tablets
with sapphire, considering so that are most noble the precious stones. Because sapphire represents the divine grace, has been the chosen stone by the kings and high servants of the Church. Jewels of  British royal crown is full of blue sapphires, the symbol of wise and righteous leaders. Symbolizing the sincerity and fidelity, is a great choice for an engagement ring. About sapphire In addition to its use as gemstone has been used since the 1950s until the 1960s, as peak of needle for gramophones. Description: This is a variety of the corundum (of the same class with the ruby ). Chemical Composition: Aluminium Oxide - Al2O3. Hardness: 9 Color: can have any color with the exception of red color (which is the ruby): blue, pink, purple, white, yellow, orange, green etc. The most common is the sapphire of the blue color. This gems (leucosapphire) can be confused with diamond or tourmaline. The model of yellow color is called sapphire topaz or oriental topaz. Qualities: It has a strong protective role for any kind of negative energy (spells, envy, hatred, bad thought, curse, etc.). It is said that if a person wanted evil  of which bear this stone, the crystal itself will work against him who has sent evil. This is a stone with incredible protective powers! Has more power if it is worn close to the skin. Is the stone of wisdom, of luck, of prosperity and of the fulfilled wishes . Increases the will, creativity, ability to communicate, intuition, clairvoyance, loyalty, mental clarity, calm. Decreases depression, confusion. Put in touch with of each the spiritual guide. Bring good luck to money, prosperity, happiness, love, detachment, joy, loyalty, friendship. Has the ability to open the third eye of clairvoyance. Facilitates inter-personal relations. Health Effects: conferring a health condition and promotes longevity, is beneficial for hearing, sight, heart, kidneys, bones, digestion, assimilation, intestines, pancreas, stomach, circulatory system, is beneficial in case of TBC, burns, inflammation, fever, bleeding, sciatica, rheumatism, colic, paralysis, arthritis. This gem possess a very pure energy. Opening the crown chakra, conduct spiritual consciousness on a higher plane, up to cosmic consciousness. Very protective, remove obstacles from the spiritual path. Enable the attainment the potential and an established objectives. White sapphire, actually colorless, called leukossapphire (from Greek leukos = white) consists of pure corundum, without impurities. It can be confused with the diamond, zircon, colorless topaz, colorless tourmaline (ACRO), crystal of cliff and colorless synthetic sapphire. Given the fact that this gem has a specific greater gravity than a diamond, a white sapphire will have a weight above compared to a diamond of the same size with him. Compared with colored versions of corundum, those gemstones no shows pleocroism (not change color depending on the angle that you look towards the crystal axis). Sapphires are far more beautiful viewed to the light of day; in the light of fluorescent tubes or that of the lamps with mercury vapor which emits and ultraviolet rays, they appear darker, because get lost their aesthetic qualities and natural. White sapphire is facetted processed and is frequently used in lately in mounting  of solitary rings of the betrothal, successfully replacing the diamond. It is considered the most important and more versatile stone from the family of precious stones. Although the sapphire does not have of the diamond shine, it has however a special glow. It is cut in nearly all forms in which is diamond cut. In addition, like the ruby, he may have of the star optical effects in six-pointed (effect ofasterism), or cat eyes (chatoianta) when it is cut in the shape of caboson (also called dome). Another unique quality of some sapphires, as to some rubies, is that of change color depending on the angle at which the light falls and is viewed from the midline of the stone (this effect is called pleocroism). This gem,  as the ruby, is known from the chemical point of view as the mineral from the corundum family, having a hexagonal crystal structure, composed of aluminum oxide. As hardness, the sapphire has the hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, being the toughest mineral after diamond, alongside ruby. It is considered as very durable, being an ideal stone for jewelry. This gems are extracted from many areas of the globe, but the rarest come from the Myanmar and Kashmir (Burma), being the most precious because of their blue is the nearest of blue spectrum color. Outstanding examples are found in the Sri Lanka, but in limited quantities, in both forms, blue and fanciful colors. It is also found in the, Cambodia, Thailand, Tanzania, Australia, Madagascar and even in the USA, in the Montana state. The natural perfect examples in the color or appearance, are very rare and very expensive. By controlled heating of their can be intensified or diminish their color, or even improve theirs clarity. This procedure produces gems of much better quality, the process being stable and durable, but in such cases, the jewelers to mention in the gems certificates this aspect of improving quality.
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